New Design and Synergistic Collaboration Revitalize Gallaudet University's Harkin Computer Lab

At Gallaudet University, the on-campus Harkin Computer Lab meets the varied academic and resource needs of its student body every... Continue

Limit Risk Exposure With Sports Facility Inspection and Maintenance

Participant and spectator safety must play a primary role in the design and selection of gymnasium equipment regardless of the... Continue



The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection at Florida Southern College

"Desire Conference with you concerning plans for Great Education Temple in Florida. Wire contract when and where I can see you." -... Continue

Safety, Sustainability, and Branding in University Athletics

The key to sound decision making often is not what you know but what you are willing to admit that you don't know, your process to... Continue



How Bundling Textbooks into Tuition is Transforming the College Experience

The College Board estimates that it costs about $22,826 dollars on average per year for a student to attend a moderate college.... Continue

Command Performance: Bringing Dance Practice and Performance Space into Alignment

Looking at the top college dance programs in the country, you'll find relatively few with dedicated performance space in close... Continue



Against Sexual Assault: 10 Tactics for Creating a Safer Campus

Thanks to recent efforts to boost awareness, more people are familiar with the shocking statistic: one out of five women is sexually... Continue

What To Expect When You're Expecting

Understanding the typical construction timeline can help prospective owners worry less and enjoy the building process (and their baby)... Continue





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