Rejuvenating Student Spaces: University of Jamestown Updates Student Spaces

New and returning University of Jamestown students are enjoying the results of a $4 million campus-wide residence hall renovation... Continue

Revitalizing Architecture From a Sustainable Point of View

The recruiting mandate of universities-to attract and graduate a diverse student population-can sometimes be hampered by small... Continue



Sustainable Campus Dining: How Campuses are Targeting Sustainability and Engagement through Dining Services Initiatives

Sustainable food and dining is a popular topic on college and university campuses. Popular areas of focus include equipment upgrades... Continue

Distance Learning: Bridging the Gap with Virtual Classroom Technology

University administrators are tasked with keeping pace in a fast-changing environment and increasing global competition. Continue



Sustainability at Furman University: The Repurposed Shi Center

At Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, the idea of sustainability works on campus-and off. Continue

Object Lesson: Campus Project Planners Must Understand New Buildings Within Campus Context

Once completed, buildings are never viewed in isolation. For that reason, they shouldn't be conceived in isolation. Yet, sometimes-in... Continue



PCI Compliance & Questions of Security

Colleges and Universities strive for PCI compliance, but are they really secure? The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI... Continue

Mower Options Improve Looks While Increasing Productivity

Different Rolling hills, grand buildings, lush grass and stately trees are what everyone thinks about when the vision of a college... Continue





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