4 Essential Products for Campus Aquatic Facilities

Private universities and colleges are embracing the versatile benefits of aquatics by constructing cutting-edge aquatic facilities which serve not only the campus-based community but also work as exciting recruitment tools for students and student-athletes. Although student enrollment has declined since the pandemic, there are reasons for optimism—for instance, this past spring, first-year enrollment of undergraduates has increased 4.2% in comparison to a decline of 3.5% the previous year.

Investing in facilities such as aquatics has played a key role in reversing this trend, not least of all because students are drawn to the total package offered by an institution. Such trends show that the appeal of campus life mustn’t be underestimated.

With aquatic facilities, students are provided with opportunities to socialize and improve health and wellness. Moreover, students can enjoy a variety of activities beyond swimming, such as aqua-aerobics, hydrobiking, in-water strength training, deep-water running, as well as water therapy that helps students unwind after long days of attending classes and studying.
Students, faculty, and staff should ideally imagine aquatic facilities as destination spaces. Maintaining these spaces is vital to enjoyment, functionality, and safety. What follows are descriptions of four must-have products for aquatic facilities which are fundamental in transforming them into destination spaces. The benefits of each are exciting and multi-faceted.

Enhancing Functionality with High Quality Carts by Royal Basket Trucks®
For forty years, Royal Basket Trucks® has manufactured high quality carts on wheels that have proven essential for improving the functionality of aquatic facilities. Aquatic facilities can get messy in a matter of seconds, and Royal® carts are an obvious preventative go-to. The carts are durable and well designed, and they are an excellent solution for collecting, sorting, storing, and transporting all types of sports equipment, whether in wet or dry environments. Royal® carts can be used as portable towel stations and for collecting life jackets as well as other swimming equipment. Similarly, they are proven to improve process efficiency, reduce cleanup time, and elevate overall user experience. Royal® carts are also great for tackling the daunting task of student-athletes’ laundry, which in turn alleviates potential sanitation concerns. They can likewise be used to transport and help to protect valuable athletic team equipment and apparel.

In keeping with indoor or outdoor aesthetics, Royal® carts are available in thirteen vinyl colors, seven mesh colors, and nine poly colors. In an exciting additional benefit, institutions and their respective athletic teams can even customize and promote their brands on Royal® products.

Advanced Safety with Wet Floor Matting by Dri-Dek®
Whether around the swimming pool, the sauna, in showers, or in locker rooms, aquatic facilities are at risk of becoming slick safety hazards. Dri-Dek® wet-floor matting is an ideal solution to such safety concerns. The matting is designed in interlocking tiles, sheets, or rolls, all of which can be interlocked to accommodate spaces of any size. Dri-Dek’s® textured surface drains water and lifts users above wet floors, as well. Thanks to its patented design, Dri-Dek® is also simple to clean, pressure wash, or hose down, translating to time and energy saved throughout the day and at closing time. The matting trims to fit wall-to-wall as well as around equipment; moreover, it prevents puddles and slippery floors as well as combatting germs. The matting can match any décor with twelve designer colors: pool blue, blue, burgundy, gray, teal, black, almond, green, hunter green, red, yellow, and white.
For over forty years, Dri-Dek® has grown into a trusted global brand, one with a tradition of satisfying hundreds of thousands of customers. Aquatic facilities need Dri-Dek® to assure user safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction.

Water Treatment Equipment with Vantage/All Chem
None of us would wish to swim in a giant, germ-filled petri dish—and without modern chemistry, that’s what swimming pools would be like. Even a quick swim in unsanitized water could expose a person to harmful levels of microbes that cause illnesses ranging from swimmer’s ear to athlete’s foot. Vantage Commercial Water Systems offer a complete line of pool and spa chemicals and chemical feeders. The Vantage Poly A Clarifier Tablets from AllChem Performance Products are simple and reliable systems designed with aquatic facility manager input to reliably sanitize and clarify any size aquatic facility on campus. Not only does the ACF Series of Poly A Clarifier Tablets work with the pool filtration system to remove up to 99% of cryptosporidium, but they also aid in the coagulation and removal of organic and inorganic compounds that cause dull or cloudy water. All one must do to maintain clear water is use Poly-A Clarifier Tablets to remove small particles and other compounds.

The concentrated blend of synergistic polymer clarifiers is available in 10 and 42-pound packages. Also available is a commercial grade feeding device that requires no additional pumps.

Aquatic Access In Making Accessibility a Reality
Established in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires the majority of businesses and facilities to provide reasonable access and accommodation for all disabled persons. The Nolan family, owners of Aquatic Access Inc., have been way ahead of the curve, providing accessibility options for disabled persons for over sixty years. After introducing a lift for hot tubs, the Nolans created taller versions for above-ground pools and tall rehab pools; these were followed by a pool lift with a manual turn for in-ground pools and spas.
Lifts for in-ground, on-campus pools provide maximum access from the deck for users and their assistants. Transferring from side to side is simple and intuitive: the outer armrest and footrest flip up and out of the way, and the mounting arm is placed under the seat for unobstructed wheelchair access. Independently operable upper and lower controls are within easy reach of the occupant, and the seats provide stellar range of motion. They not only turn forward into the pool, but they travel 44” vertically, can be paused or reversed at any point, and can be padlocked in the deck position. The lifts are sturdy and can safely secure people weighing up to 400 lbs. All aquatic lifts can also be customized for users with higher weight capacities.

Keeping Campus-Based Communities Happy and Healthy
Aquatic facilities are integral as recruitment tools, and the four products addressed here are essential in realizing the full potential of these facilities. Additionally, aquatics programs provide many health benefits for students, faculty, and staff. Swimming provides a full body workout that is low impact and great for those recovering from injury; it also improves cardiovascular health. Swimming relaxes people’s bodies, teaches restorative breathing practices, and helps to clear the mind. Swimming prompts the release of feel-good chemicals of endorphins which can alleviate pain, promote positivity, and boost one’s sense of well-being. Aquatic facilities are a gift to all users, and more campus residents will take advantage of the benefits they provide if they are transformed into destination spaces.

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