Buyer’s Guide 2023



Royal Basket Trucks
Continual product development and enhancements have made Royal a recognized brand of material handling solutions for multiple markets. We manufacture basket trucks and specialty laundry carts in twelve vinyl colors, or in canvas or molded poly. Every product is made to order, allowing us to customize our wire frame carts by making size modifications specific to a customer ’ s environment when needed. In addition to slight modifications, we also design and manufacture custom concept carts. Our manufacturing environment is unique in that we have a full woods department, a welding department, and an industrial sewing department all under one roof. This arrangement allows us to produce orders on a short timeline to better meet each client’s needs.

SportsArt America
SportsArt has been an industry leader in innovative design and manufacturing excellence since 1977. The company is known for advancing industry standards and for positioning itself as one of the most creative manufacturers of premium quality fitness, medical, performance, and residential equipment. SportsArt is one of the largest single – brand manufacturers in the world, with its products sold in over eighty countries. Moreover, SportsArt contains over 500,000 square feet of state – of – the – art manufacturing space , and it designs, manufactures, and tests all equipment to rigorous T Ü V quality standards. With hundreds of patents worldwide for innovative technologies, including the award winning ICARE™ system and the newly relaunched ECO – POWR™ Series that complies wit h CE and UL certificates, SportsArt is the leading green fitness partner, developing products that are instrumental to rebuilding and sustaining lives.

The Vantage Water Care Program is a comprehensive water maintenance plan designed for commercial pool operators, utilizing chlorination or bromination as the primary sanitation method. The program combines the effective and reliable sanitation properties of chlorine or bromine sanitizers with the remarkable clarification properties of a new compound called Poly – A Tablets. These components are added to an overall water management framework that encourages sparkling clear water. The Vantage Water Care Program gives commercial pools the highest qua lity water in the most efficient, operator – friendly, and cost – effective program available. This straightforward operation consists of a number of components. The size and installation of these components are carefully determined according to each pool’s specific needs and demands.

The A-Turf® Titan system features the industry’s original twelve-year warranty. The most durable fiber and carpet construction, in addition to the world’s strongest primary and secondary urethane backing systems, yield greater dimensional stability and ultimately deliver the best playing conditions for every field sport. All synthetic fields are not the same. A careful comparison of all turf systems and a candid assessment of field builders will affirm that A-Turf provides the greatest value. All materials used in A-Turf systems are made and assembled in the USA. We also use the most proven fiber on the planet. Because we use the industry’s best materials and installation craftsmanship, the average life of an A-Turf field is now fourteen years.

Abacus Sports Installations
Abacus Sports installs various types of sports surfacing for gymnasiums, running tracks, tennis courts, weight rooms, and athletic locker rooms. In addition to sports surfaces, we install synthetic rubber flooring for multi-purpose facilities, banquet halls, and other social events. We are a leader in synthetic flooring. Abacus can turn every facility into an ideal space to congregate for sports, performances, and social gatherings. We provide the synthetic flooring for both sport and recreational use so every facility can be used to its full potential. Our surfacing is resilient against heavy foot traffic, bleachers, and pointy shoes, which makes it perfect for multiple uses. Abacus specializes in inlaid platforms for weight rooms, and we helped create and develop this product by producing a sub-layer flooring that protects concrete from heavy weights dropping. The level platform can help create a more effective weight room for student athletes. Customize your surfaces with Abacus.

Aqua Creek
Leaders in all things recreation, fitness, and ability, Aqua Creek Products is a family-owned business based in Missoula, Montana. For the last two decades, Aqua Creek has strived to improve the lives of people of all abilities. It has done so by providing access to life-changing recreational and fitness activities through the use of unique, high-quality, and affordable equipment. Aqua Creek offers pool lifts with more color options than any other pool lift manufacturer in the business, as well as the only solar-powered pool lifts on the market today. Other products include therapeutic and exercise equipment such as pool bikes, aquatic wheelchairs and walkers, swim platforms, and even a land-based fitness machine designed to provide wheelchair users the ability to work out independently. For exceptional customer service and the best warranties in the industry, call Aqua Creek today!

Aquatic Access
Aquatic Access offers a full line of water-powered lifts for in-ground pools and spas, above-ground pools and spas, portable spas, swim spas, and for most whirlpool, therapy, or rehabilitation tubs and pools, including those consisting of six-foot walls. We also build lifts for boats, docks, and cruise ships to provide access to pools and spas.

IPI by Bison provides ceiling- and wall-mounted basketball backstops, gym divider curtains, batting and practice cages, gym floor covers, wall and stage padding, and a wide selection of gym and field sports equipment for sports-related new construction and renovation projects. For over forty years, IPI has provided quality gym equipment to schools, recreation centers, churches, health clubs, pay-to-play facilities, YMCAs, and virtually anywhere that indoor team sports are played. In 2012, IPI was acquired by Bison, arguably the industry leader in post-construction, indoor gymnasium, and outdoor field sports equipment. Operating as an independent division of Bison, IPI customers now can take advantage of Bison’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, extremely broad product line, and creative product engineering. Located off I-80 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Bison has a longstanding reputation for quality, customer-centric service, on-time delivery, and it is dedicated to creating U.S. jobs by maintaining over 90% of its manufacturing in the United States.

List Industries Inc.
From initial design to final manufacturing, Superior lockers by List Industries Inc. are engineered using state-of-the-art computer technology, ensuring quality that our customers can depend on. The uniqueness of our Hollow-T framing system allows us the flexibility to custom design a locker to meet the specific requirements of each project. We welcome the opportunity to work directly with every client to custom design a locker room environment that is productive and attractive, while at the same time cost-effective. Our results-driven team of designers, engineers, and sales professionals are available to assist customers every step of the way, from initial budget planning to final project closeout.


The value that Wenger offers is in a class of its own, and no one puts more careful thought and effort into quality, or more emphasis on durability, versatility, and ease-of-use. Wenger understands how important it is to have products that last, products that provide flexibility with how they are applied, and products that transport easily and set up fast. We’ve learned this by listening to our customers—the driving force behind every product we build. In addition to Wenger’s commitment to innovation is a tradition of outstanding customer service and support. Wenger stands behind each product with expert technical support, great warranties, and customer service that’s responsive, thorough, and dedicated to each customer’s individual needs.

AmpliVox Sound Systems is a leading U.S. manufacturer of portable sound systems, lecterns, and multimedia workstations for colleges, universities, and other educational, government, and commercial markets. Our top-quality professional presentation equipment features the latest wireless and Bluetooth technology. It sets up easily and delivers perfect performance, reliability, and durability. We offer a wide variety of products for educational institutions, including workstations, collaboration tables, multimedia lecterns, and portable PAs for both indoor and outdoor use. Our constant technological innovation includes new control systems for multimedia furniture, integrating a variety of audiovisual functions. AmpliVox is constantly striving to keep up with the latest technologies, and we are excited to be offering our customers innovative new technologies in our lecterns and workstations in 2023!

Shure has been making people sound extraordinary for nearly a century. Founded in 1925, Shure is a leading global manufacturer of audio equipment known for quality, performance, and durability. We make microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear monitors, earphones and headphones, conferencing systems, and more. For critical listening or high-stakes moments on stage, in the studio, and from the meeting room, you can always rely on Shure.


PVI Industries
PVI is a leading manufacturer of industry-best commercial and industrial water heaters, each fabricated from corrosion-resistant AquaPLEX® duplex stainless steel. PVI water heaters can be configured for any common energy source, including natural or LP gas, oil, boiler water, solar, steam, electricity, and waste heat. Water heaters range from instantaneous, on-demand water heating to storage water heaters. PVI has installed thousands of systems across the nation throughout a broad range of applications and industries, including universities, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, apartments, correctional facilities, military barracks, and more. PVI proudly backs its water heaters with the industry’s strongest warranties and service policy packages.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
It is increasingly understood that indoor air quality (IAQ) impacts learning. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions manufactures high-efficiency air cleaning systems that improve IAQ, save energy, and reduce operating costs. Dynamic Air Cleaners remove odors and VOCs in addition to ultrafine particles. The Dynamic V8® Air Cleaning System delivers MERV 15 performance and offers media change-out intervals measured in years instead of months. Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix™ (ACM) Systems allow for precise control of gas phase contaminants without the energy penalty and high maintenance costs. Dynamic Sterile Sweep™ UVC Systems provide high output UVC for the inactivation of biological contaminants. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is a proud partner of ASHRAE headquarters renewal project.

Hope’s® Windows, Inc.
Hope’s® Windows has been manufacturing the world’s finest windows and doors for more than one hundred years—beginning with the company’s very first order for Cornell University in 1912. Hope’s sets the standard for performance excellence. Steel windows and doors offer sustainable solutions to create healthy indoor educational environments. Steel windows and doors are energy efficient and impervious to air and water infiltration, crafted from 100% recycled steel, and finished with environmentally friendly coatings, resulting in an earth-friendly product with unlimited color options and long-term protection against corrosion and abrasion. Steel finishing processes exceed the most rigorous testing standards and are carefully scrutinized to ensure that products will perform—both aesthetically and functionally—for generations to come, with extremely low maintenance requirements. These strong and durable windows and doors achieve unparalleled life cycle value and assist building owners and architects seeking LEED® certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Overly Door Company
Overly Door company is a custom specialty door and window manufacturer. Industry-leading architects utilize our products to achieve the precise specification each facility requires. We provide many “out-of-the-box” solutions for every customer’s needs. We also specialize in custom barrier systems. For all standard or custom needs, be sure to specify Overly Door Company.

Bradley Corporation
For one hundred years, Bradley has created the most advanced, coordinated commercial washrooms and comprehensive emergency safety solutions, resulting in educational and public environments that are both hygienic and safe. Bradley is dedicated to innovating touchless handwashing and drying technologies that are durable and vandal resistant, in addition to reliable emergency safety and eyewash equipment for science and research labs. Bradley also manufactures washroom accessories, partitions, solid plastic lockers, and electric tankless heaters. Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA, Bradley serves educational, commercial, institutional, and industrial building markets worldwide..

Over our history, ClearSpan has worked on thousands of projects across dozens of industries, providing custom and turnkey building solutions that are both unique and functional. We’ve become renowned for our versatile structures, which have earned the nickname “Buildings of 1,000 Uses.” When purchasing a structure from ClearSpan, our customers can rest assured that they will receive the exceptional service that ClearSpan is known for. Our building specialists have years of experience working within the industry, so they can offer invaluable advice and suggestions throughout the entire building process, ensuring that customers get a structure that is ideal for their operation.

Dorlen Products Inc.
Dorlen Products, a water leak detection company, has manufactured surface water leak detection equipment since 1975. Our water leak specialists are dedicated to selling the highest quality, lowest maintenance leak sensors available today. Our leak sensing systems are rugged, yet sensitive to detect even a thin film of water without false activations. Water Alert leak detection equipment is designed to maximize protection by offering continuous monitoring 24/7. Our water line leak detection equipment identifies small leaks such as condensate water overflow, chiller water leaks, plumbing line cracks, heating/cooling piping leaks, outside seepage, and more, all prior to an occurrence of damage and downtime. The water detector alarm features vary by model.

Ceilume is the leading manufacturer of thermoformed ceiling tiles and panels, sized to fit standard 2×2 and 2×4 suspended ceiling grids that are widely used in commercial, institutional, retail, hospitality, and health care environments. These three-dimensional tiles and panels are available in forty different patterns to complement virtually any architectural style, with thirteen color and finish options and three diffusions of Transluminous® materials for making luminous ceilings. They can provide acoustic control up to NRC= 0.85, are Greenguard Gold certified for indoor air quality, and are made in the USA. The company’s roots go back to the pioneers of modular ceilings, when “Mid-Century was Modern.” The family-owned business is located in California’s wine country and in a repurposed historic apple-packing warehouse. With an eye on the future, Ceilume’s research and development continues to improve interior finish systems to meet changing environmental, performance, and aesthetic needs.

Inspired TEC
Everyone would like to believe that indoor air is clean and healthy, yet research indicates that indoor air pollution remains a serious environmental health concern. The EPA reports that air inside buildings is five times more polluted than air outside, and that polluted air causes 50% of all illnesses. These findings are alarming since most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Inspired TEC offers an ideal solution. Photocatalytic Oxidation is the newest generation of proactive air and surface purification, and it combats pathogens in the following ways: flocculation, molecular dissociation, and cluster ions. Our online video library demonstrates multiple uses for PCO technology in some of our newest venues.

Kalwall® Corporation
Kalwall has provided museum-quality daylighting™ to building occupants all over the world for more than sixty years. Company founder Robert R. Keller, Sr. invented the original translucent sandwich panel in 1955, and no other company has dedicated more years, resources, creativity, and innovation into the science and art of daylighting. Kalwall is the most highly insulating, diffuse light-transmitting, structural sandwich panel in the world. Lightweight, shatterproof, and rapidly installed, Kalwall has unrivaled structural integrity that is far superior in performance and value to products that superficially may appear similar. Kalwall can function as part of the walls or roof of any building, or be an entire freestanding structure. Typical product applications include wall, window wall and curtain wall systems, window replacement energy upgrades, skylights, pre-engineered and custom Skyroofs®, Clearspan™ Systems, and Canopies+Walkways.

Kenyon International
Kenyon International is a domestic manufacturer of compact ceramic cooktops and the All Seasons™ electric grills available in 120V UL for use both indoors and outdoors. We offer unique and functional designs that incorporate the latest in cooking technology, such as the next generation SilKEN®2, a high energy Induction cooktop that provides cooking by temperature or power setting with quick heat dissipation and user-friendly controls. Standard knob or touch control cooktops are available in one or two burners – 120, 208, and 240V UL, each with HOT and ON indicator lights. We also offer an exclusive three-year product replacement warranty in addition to unparalleled customer service.

Krieger Products
Since 1936, Krieger Specialty Products has been a leading manufacturer of specialized door and window products for acoustical, blast resistant, bullet resistant, radio frequency shielding, thermal shielding, tornado, and hurricane applications. Built to each customer’s precise specifications, Krieger doors and windows have been the choice for premier schools and universities all over the world.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zurn Elkay Water Solutions is a growth-oriented, pure-play water business that designs, procures, manufactures, and markets is the broadest sustainable product portfolio of solutions to improve health, human safety, and the environment. The Zurn Elkay product portfolio includes professional-grade water control and safety, water distribution and drainage, drinking water, finish plumbing, hygienic, environmental and site works products for public and private spaces.


Musson Rubber
For over sixty-five years, Musson Rubber has been a pioneer and leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of safety stair coverings and flooring materials. Musson Rubber specializes in stair coverings and entrance matting for commercial, institutional, and industrial use. Herein lies the most complete and comprehensive line of top-quality rubber and vinyl stair coverings, plus entrance mats for use in public buildings. Musson is also a major distributor of industrial rubber products. Representing over one hundred different suppliers in major markets gives Musson the edge in providing competitive products and service in today’s demanding environment.

New Pig
New Pig is the number one brand that helps companies to manage leaks, drips, and spills, all of which protect workers, facilities, and the environment. A multi-channel, multi-brand supplier, New Pig provides over 3,100 spill control and liquid management solutions as well as industrial maintenance products. These products have been used in more than 300,000 industrial, commercial, utility, institutional, healthcare, military and government facilities in seventy countries. The leading New Pig brands include the Original PIG Absorbent Sock, PIG Grippy Floor Mats, PIG Spill Kits, Pig Spillblocker Dikes, and PIG Flammable Safety Cabinets. Other channels offering PIG products include all Safety-Kleen branches, select Integrated Suppliers, and B-to-B E Commerce exchanges. New Pig is headquartered in Tipton, Pennsylvania. Contact us for more information!

Wooster Products
Make every step a safe one. Wooster Products is a USA Manufacturer of anti-slip safety stair and walkway products. We manufacture products for any size project. We have been in operation since 1921, and our work includes transit stations, stadiums, schools, parks, and residential and office towers. Our brand names include the following: Stairmaster®, a renovation or safety enhancement product intended for heavy pedestrian traffic; Walk-A-Sured®, a water-based Clear Epoxy floor coating designed for use on wood, metal, tile, marble, terrazzo, and concrete; WP-70®, a heavy-duty two-part epoxy coating for a long-lasting, anti-slip durable solution; and FlexTred®, our anti-slip tape used for stairs, walkways, ramps, and more. Please contact us at 800-321-4936.


SMARTdesks offers more than just buying computer lab desks or conference tables as a generic commodity. We offer person-to-person design team interaction and collaboration with our customers. Together, project by project, we are shaping conferencing and education for the 21st century. Every space is different: SMARTdesks computer desk, computer lab, and conference table solutions provide a configured solution for every space and needs. Clients who are looking for a full-scale classroom, computer lab furniture, or conference room design solution, rather than a desk-in-a-box, should think SMARTdesks. Our specialty is designing for each space and pulling together our teams in collaboration with your IT integrators. Using cloud-based technology to exchange ideas, concepts & drawings in a holistic integrated cloud platform, we bring together our teams to reach configured solutions to fit your needs, your space, your environment.

Huston & Company: Academic & Library Furniture
Each piece of custom furniture from Huston & Company is designed to enhance the aesthetics of its surroundings. Located in fine academic institutions and libraries, as well as professional spaces from government buildings to small businesses, Huston furniture adds to the atmosphere of graceful permanence inherent in places of intellectual engagement, learning, and professionalism. Huston & Company furniture is custom-designed and finished to withstand hard, regular use in public settings such as libraries, academic spaces, and meeting/conference rooms. Each piece of Huston furniture will last for generations and retain its beauty, warmth, and functionality, thereby providing schools, libraries, or officea with longevity that equates to real value.

Prestige Pulpits
As the leading North American manufacturer of custom pulpits, lecterns, and tables, we have a deep commitment to both thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship. Our reputation is founded on over twenty-five years of unsurpassed quality and outstanding service. Our 3/8” glass is far superior in durability and appearance to material such as acrylic and plastic, so customers can rely its grace and beauty for many years to come. With personalized etching, choice of glass color, and wood stains to match any decor, we have a wealth of options to reflect every client’s own vision, style, and message.

Toughooks are the world’s best-selling unbreakable plastic coat hooks. Because of their durability, Toughook has been welcomed in thousands of schools, homes, and offices across the world. They are the ideal replacement for metal coat hooks. Customers can make any area safer and clutter free thanks to our unbreakable plastic Toughooks. We offer four sizes and twenty colors to customize each space. With no minimum to order, customers can mix and match Toughook’s sizes and colors to fit every need.


Carver, Inc.
For over one hundred years, Carver, Inc. hydraulic lab presses have set industry standards for laboratories around the world. At Carver, customers find the widest array of standard choices for nearly any application. Our standard laboratory presses include two-column and four-column, benchtop and floor standing, as well as manual and automatic presses. Carver also offers a complete line of laboratory press accessories, in addition to a dedicated testing laboratory for application testing and development to determine specific specifications

Serving the scientific community since 1925, Labconco Corporation manufactures laboratory equipment, specializing in ventilation products such as chemical fume hoods and biological safety cabinets. Other product lines include freeze dryers and glassware washers. Labconco has ISO 9001 certification, which stands as but one measure of its commitment to quality and consistency in design and manufacturing. Manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri, as well as Fort Scott, Kansas, Labconco products are marketed worldwide to academic, industrial, life science, pharmaceutical, environmental, forensic, and clinical laboratories.


Mean Green Mowers
Mean Green Mowers offer the electric advantage, and we provide four great advantages of using Mean Green’s electric equipment over traditional gas-powered tools: zero emissions, low noise, zero gas, and low maintenance. Leveraging the electric advantage takes away the stresses of traditional gas-powered mowers. Without the harmful fumes, obnoxious noises, little maintenance, and trips to the gas station, there is now more time to focus on the actual job! Mean Green has taken the extra work out of maintaining the yard; simply flip the switch and cut the grass. Discover how the electric advantage can revolutionize your campus.

Billy Goat Industries
Billy Goat Industries is the premier manufacturer of specialty turf products with a reputation for innovation, productivity, and quality. We offer a complete line of turf renovation and clean-up solutions for commercial and municipal needs, serving landscape and grounds maintenance professionals. We carry turf renovation equipment, including the most comprehensive line-up of aerators on the US market, hydro-drive sod cutters, and overseeders. In clean-up equipment, we have Outback® Brushcutters, a full line of vacs, Force™ Blowers, and debris loaders: 13, 14, 18, 25 & 35 HP. Dual shredding system with Pirana™ blade for the best reduction of any debris loader on the market. Contact Gail Trudeau, Assistant Manager of Marketing, at

DR Power
We have manufactured and sold professional-grade outdoor power equipment since 1985. From our earliest days, headquartered in a Vermont log cabin, we have dedicated ourselves to creating equipment of enduring quality and uncompromising performance. We believe that every minute spent working outdoors can be more productive, enjoyable, and satisfying when people have the right tools. Today, DR Power Equipment is a subsidiary of Generac Power Systems, Inc., and we offer an extensive line of gas and battery-powered equipment available factory-direct or through our growing family of retail partners. Regardless of where DR Power equipment is purchased, customers can be assured of our commitment to service after the sale.

Green Earth Company
We provide environmentally friendly, “Green,” ice melt products for professionals, including liquid and granular de-icers, anti-ices, and stockpile treatment for salt. Green Earth Ice Melter also works for lower temps, which translates to longer lasting applications and lower application rates. Fewer applications save time and money while being safer for the environment. Our products are CMA-safe for new concrete, and LEED building requirements are satisfied with our granulars and liquids for roofs.

Kay Park Recreation
Kay Park Recreation has been a manufacturer of commercial outdoor furniture since 1954. We offer a large selection of park and playground equipment as well as commercial grade site furnishings that include outdoor tables, grills, benches, trash containers, drinking fountains, planters, umbrellas, bollards, shade canopies, and bike racks. We have a complete line of bleachers and grandstands, as well as outdoor athletic equipment, play systems, and a rental-duty fiberglass pedal boat. Please browse through our selection at our website, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Icom America Inc.
Today’s communications industry requires thinking outside the box. Icom’s Network division covers growing IP/WLAN and LTE-CONNECT solutions. Icom’s IP radio allows users to quickly establish a high-quality network in a building, and it does so by programming and connecting to an existing WLAN network. An IP radio system is especially ideal for users (colleges, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc.) who want to create a radio network using their own wireless network. Users can communicate far and wide with LTE-CONNECT, Icom’s LTE radio solution. Using 4G and 3G networks, the IP501H allows for instantaneous push-to-talk communications throughout North America. This new LTE radio solution is perfect for teams in need of a simple and yet wide-area communication solution on air, land, and sea. Visit

Aiphone Security Communication Solutions 
Aiphone provides proactive security solutions for schools and campuses. With visitor screening technology, campus-wide communication, paging integration, and student housing intercoms, we help create a learning environment that places a premium on safety and security. We design superior products and trust-worthy technology, and users have relied on our quality intercoms for over fifty years. Known for design simplicity, technical excellence, and backed by award-winning support, we offer highly configurable systems for a wide range of campus security needs. Every Aiphone system is the result of painstaking attention to detail, and our standard is to create products that are engineered and tested with reliability in mind. The Aiphone team is made up of dedicated, hardworking individuals who consider one another a family. We are engineers, technicians, customer support representatives, shipping professionals, operational team members, marketing specialists, and local sales experts—and we are all eager to support our customers.

American Direct
American Direct is the national leader of total security solutions. From legacy doors, frames, and hardware to a proprietary access control platform and technology, we are one single source changing the landscape of building interoperability.

Chase Security
Chase Security Systems, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of wire and flat metal products. We custom design and manufacture a variety of products for the life/safety, security, fire, sound and communication, and electrical industries. Our products include wire guards, expanded metal guards, security pedestals, perforated metal guards, hoods, towers, cameras and enclosures, projection screen guards, and microphone and conference system enclosures. Our wire enclosures are designed to protect thermostats, strobes, switches, and other devices against vandalism or accidental damage. The wire enclosure provides ease of installation and maintenance of equipment, once installed. Our wire products are manufactured in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, and sold to OEM accounts and distribution. We offer expanded metal guards for smoke detectors, speakers, bells, strobes, wall-mounted movie projectors, and interior lights.

Hytera US Inc.
Hytera US Inc. is a leading provider of two-way radio communications solutions for colleges and universities. Hytera radios are legendary for their durability and are MIL-STD 810G certified. Our radios feature industry-leading audio quality with exclusive AI-based noise cancellation technology as well as the longest battery life available, offering both excellent reliability and value. The Hytera HALO Push-to-Talk over Cellular (POC) radio system enables wide area group communications over cellular 4G/LTE and campus Wi-Fi networks. Deployments are fast and easy, and no FCC frequency licenses are required. Hytera HALO features a web-based GPS dispatching app and a wide variety of PoC devices that include compact radios, mobile radios, and handheld smart devices. The Hytera H-Series Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) product family delivers the next generation of two-way communication capabilities. Comprised of handheld two-way radios, mobile radios, and repeaters (base stations), the H-Series features a brand-new technical platform and redefines the performance of two-way radios.

IOTA Engineering
IOTA provides critical emergency life safety egress performance for existing lighting systems. In the event of a loss of normal power, IOTA emergency lighting products enable existing fixtures to deliver code-required emergency illumination along the paths of egress for building occupants. Available emergency solutions include field-installable emergency LED drivers, micro, mini, and central emergency inverter systems, emergency ballasts for fluorescent and LED retrofit tubes, and energy-saving auxiliary control devices.

Proxess offers secure access control functionality for all doors. Our levels of connectivity include wire-free intelligence, allowing the user to remotely add a security card from a remote location; network-on-card for daily authorizations and the ability to add checkpoint doors—if the card does not go through the online door, it will not work on the offline lockset; on-demand BLE bridge when on-demand audits are needed, quick unloads and lockdowns, and real-time, on-line information for any perimeter, panic, vehicle, or other doors.

Since 1987, KeyTrak’s electronic key and asset management systems have helped businesses worldwide enhance the security of their operations while simultaneously improving productivity and reducing costs. The difference is in the details, and we take single-source responsibility for all our products. To ensure we’re able to meet our customers’ needs, we perform all of our research and development, programming, and manufacturing; we also support customers at our headquarters in College Station, Texas.

Security Door Controls
Security Door Controls manufactures electrified access control hardware and controllers worldwide. Since 1972, SDC products have been designed, engineered, and built in America, whereas most of our larger competitors manufacture overseas. SDC is the bridge from mechanical access control to electrified security systems. SDC offers premium, code-compliant products to allow users a seamless transition into electronic access control. With a robust toolbox of over 35,000 access and egress control components, SDC products form turnkey solutions that address almost any door opening imagined.

Thor Guard, Inc.
Thor Guard is the leader in lightning prediction and is committed to maximizing emergent technologies in the development of systems that provide automatic notification of hazardous weather conditions. Thor Guard uses a highly sophisticated sensor and computer to measure and analyze the electrostatic field in the atmosphere. Lightning originates within this field, thus allowing Thor Guard to make calculations predicting its occurrence even though there may be no visible evidence of lightning. Lightning detection systems require the occurrence of an actual lightning strike before a warning is given, and many times this is too late. Such is why multiple airlines, government agencies, and other industrial users are utilizing Thor Guard.

Viking Electronics
Viking Electronics designs and manufactures over five hundred security and communication products, including aging interfaces, amplifiers, mass notification systems, hot line phones, auto dialers, enclosures, and more. In addition to our extensive analog line, we offer a large selection of IP-based solutions. Viking’s VoIP products are SIP compliant, with features such as built-in relays and automatic noise canceling. We are continually developing new ideas using the latest technology to expand our product lines. As always, Viking products are designed, manufactured, and supported in the U.S. and are backed by a two-year limited warranty. Since Viking’s origins in 1969, we’ve encouraged our customers to “Call Us First.” So, the next time you’re wondering if we design a product for a particular application, don’t hesitate to call—and if we don’t design it, we’ll do our best to direct you to someone who does!


AGF Manufacturing Inc.
AGF Manufacturing Inc. designs specialized products for the fire protection industry. Our company was founded on the principles of reliability, versatility, and compatibility. Over the years, AGF has introduced a number of original products that accommodate the varying demands of the fire protection industry. We are continually working in the field to improve existing products and to introduce new ones. While addressing the needs of fire protection, we strive to provide the best products backed by a strong commitment to customer service. Our close interaction with the fire protection community has facilitated the introduction of a beneficial product line. By engineering more intuitive products, AGF helps each customer manage fire safety systems more efficiently, resulting in more reliable systems that save resources.

Uline, a family-owned business, is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial, and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America. Our easy-to-use, 700+-page catalog contains over 32,500 packaging, shipping, industrial, and janitorial products, each ready to ship today. Orders placed by 6 p.m. ship the same day! Almost every order ships the same day, with no backorders. Uline brand products combine the best quality with the best value. Our buyers search worldwide for the finest products available at competitive prices. Orders can be placed 24/7/365 by phone, fax, or online. A knowledgeable customer service rep is always available for assistance. Eleven locations across North America speed delivery and minimize freight costs. Every customer gets what they need when they need it, at the lowest cost. Satisfaction guaranteed! Try any product we sell for a full thirty days. customers who are not completely satisfied may return products to us for a no-hassle refund or credit.

American Slip Meter®, Inc.
American Slip Meter® has manufactured tribometers since 1993. Our meters are durable, reliable, repeatable, and fully supported. Floor safety programs and floor testing together equals safe floors. We now offer a dynamic coefficient of friction device, the ASM 925, in addition to our static coefficient of friction device, the ASM 825A. American Slip Meter®, Inc. has played a vital role in floor safety and manufacturing drag sled type slip meters, and we are actively involved in the ASTM, ANSI, and NFSI committees that develop and maintain walkway testing standards.

Charlotte Products
More than thirty years ago, a visionary in the field of sustainability teamed up with three chemists to bring effective, healthy, and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions to the market. Charlotte Products was born from their shared vision. Charlotte Products has since grown into a global leader for sustainable cleaning innovation. Along the way, we’ve been defined by our ability to predict the cleaning industry’s needs and trends, just as we have become known for our unique ability to match those needs with innovation, simplified knowledge transfer, and expertise. We find success by constantly improving our healthy, safe, and sustainable cleaning solutions.

Kärcher has built a loyal following through the years by providing innovative, reliable, and productive floor cleaning equipment. We offer a full line of industry-leading commercial floor cleaning equipment designed to increase cleaning productivity. These products include solutions for hard and soft floor surfaces such as upright vacuums, extractors, scrubbers, sweepers, floor machines, burnishers, interim carpet care equipment, and specialty carpet cleaning machines. Our latest products include autonomous vacuums and scrubbers. In addition, we have a full line of hot and cold water pressure washers, chemicals and disinfectants that offer a complete hygiene solution.

When needing to know a wood’s moisture content, let Lignomat help. We carry a full line of pin and pin-less moisture meters, meter packages, and related accessories. Our handheld moisture meters are designed for professionals such as architects, building inspectors, carpenters, contractors, restoration specialists, as well as other working professionals who need a reliable method of determining moisture levels in wood, sheetrock, gypsum, and other building materials. Each moisture meter measures the material’s present moisture levels and determines if the material is ready to use, needs further inspecting, or requires discarding.

STERIFAB® by Noble Pine Products Company
STERIFAB® is a disinfectant: a bactericide that destroys micro-organisms. It is also a fungicide that kills fungus, a sanitizer that reduces levels of micro-organisms from inanimate environments, a viricide that kills viruses, a mildewcide that kills mold and mildew, a germicide that kills germs and disinfects, a deodorant that destroys pathogenic odors, a bacteriostatic that inhibits bacterial growth, as well as a fungistatic that inhibits fungal growth. STERIFAB® is even an insecticide that protects against lice, ticks, dust mites, centipedes, bed bugs, fleas, sowbugs, ants, silverfish, roaches, and firebrats. STERIFAB® will not stain, has no added perfume or objectionable odor, is fast drying, crystal clear, and will not harm fabrics, carpets, or most areas.


Post-Up Stand
Our customers can showcase messages anytime, any-
where! Our innovative banner stands and large format printing services are perfect for trade shows, lobbies, and point-of-sale displays. Our website provides our customers list as well as customer testimonials attesting to their satisfaction with our products and services. Our banner stand displays are lightweight and easy to use, so users will look like pros wherever they show. Our new tabletop Post-Up stands are perfect for trade show exhibits or countertop displays. Please take some time to review our trade show banner displays and products on our website, and e-mail us with any of your questions.


Laptops Anytime
Space-saving automated checkout kiosks are custom branded for each facility and designed around major laptop/tablet models in twelve-bay host ”starter” and twelve- and eighteen-bay ”companion” stations. Customers can mix multiple device types in the same system and then smartly deploy multiple systems. Stations are integrated to ILS and/or local LDAP or Active Directory. Additionally, web camera, email notifications, and a full suite of inventory management, audit trail, and management reporting functionality make the system one-of-a-kind. Customers can replace thirty desktops and regain over 150 square feet of comfortable seating as well as decrease power usage by up to 90%. This ”new” multi-use seating can accommodate and still serve those who want a comfortable place to read a book or those who bring their own digital device with them. Those needing a laptop or even a 110V power charger can check out a device at our innovative kiosks and relax in a new, transformed atmosphere.

Extron is committed to education. Every day, colleges and universities around the world use Extron audio and video products, harnessing the power of multimedia to enrich educational experiences. Extron’s AV systems are designed to enhance learning with sharp images, clear sound, simple control, and reliability. We constantly seek feedback from educators in order to engineer AV tools that help educators present more engaging lessons, to help students absorb and retain what they learn, and to allow administrators to run institutions more efficiently and at a lower cost.

KMC Controls
For 50 years, KMC Controls has been an independent American manufacturer of open, secure, and scalable building automation and technology solutions. In short, we’re Building Geniuses®! We team up with leading technology providers to create innovative products that help customers increase operating efficiency, optimize energy usage, maximize comfort, and improve safety. From our home in northern Indiana, we deliver these solutions to a global network of system integrators and distributors. In fact, our products are controlling buildings of all sizes and types around the world, including the most sustainable office building in North America. We stay ahead of technological innovations through active engagement with industry-wide technology initiatives and partnerships.

Optoma’s Laser Projectors and Interactive Displays combine cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver remarkable visual displays designed to connect audiences with engaging video experiences. Perfect for any size classroom or lecture hall, Optoma Laser Projectors deliver exceptional, life-like images and crystal-clear text. Optoma’s DuraCore Laser model lineup includes built-in lens projectors up to 9,800 lumens; for larger venues, we offer interchangeable lens models with up to 22,000 lumens of brightness, all with up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Being incredibly versatile and easy to install, our projectors are a dream for designers and installers everywhere. We have a laser projector that suits any installation, may it be a classroom, lecture hall, auditorium, cafeteria, or any size venue. Designed for the modern classroom, the 4K UHD Creative Touch 5-Series are more than just interactive displays; they deliver a truly intuitive and collaborative experience, giving teachers the tools to plan, create, and deliver extraordinary lessons.


National Bus
The Ultra Coachliner is the industry leader. This high-end motorcoach has the smooth ride, capacity, and luggage space of a traditional coach bus, at only half the cost to own and operate.