Solutions for Environmental Hygiene

Introducing Inspired TEC’s Active Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology Air and Surface Purification Systems:


Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology was created by NASA for use on the international space station. PCO replicates an event in nature when sunlight contacts moisture in the atmosphere creating oxidizers which clean the air. PCO technology creates natural oxidizers that sanitize the air inactivating viruses, bacteria, molds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). PCO technology dramatically improves indoor air quality and effectively eliminates odors.

HOW IT WORKS: PCO technology works by producing safe, chemical free oxidizers that attach themselves to pathogens puncture the cell walls of the organism and remove the hydrogen from the pathogen. Hydrogen is essential for the life of the organism removing the hydrogen does not allow the pathogen to live or grow.

This same method is effective for COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS*). Inspired TEC’s PCO technology is also effective for all gram positive gram negative Bacteria, C-DIFF, Virus, Mold and VOC’s. Inspired TEC is always on, always protecting against pathogens in air and on surfaces 24/7/365.

LEADER IN PCO: Inspired TEC has been at the forefront for the last 10 years creating and implementing the most advanced PCO technology available. Inspired TEC delivers state of the art PCO technology with multiple modes of action and an output rate that is significantly higher than other PCO currently available.

MARKETS: Inspired TEC’s PCO systems are in use sanitizing indoor environments across diverse markets including; hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, restaurants, food processing plants, schools and commercial space.

INSTALLATION: Inspired TEC units are easy to install directly into your HVAC system and require ZERO maintenance for 2 years. Installation can be done by HVAC technicians.

ADAPTABILITY: Inspired TEC also offers freestanding devices that operate outside of HVAC and can be adapted to virtually any space requirements small or large.

EPA: Inspired TEC products do not use or produce any EPA regulated substances or chemicals.

VALIDATION: Inspired TEC will provide free of charge 3rd party pre and post swab tests to validate the system’s performance.

FINANCING: Inspired TEC 1-year no interest financing is available for system purchases over $5,000 MANUFACTURING: Inspired TEC devices are proudly made in the USA.

SUMMARY: Inspired TEC delivers the most comprehensive solution to combat the spread of harmful pathogens including Coronavirus and a broad spectrum of other pathogens in the indoor environment.  Inspired TEC will dramatically improve the conditions in the indoor space that will increase productivity and lead to a more uplifting experience.