IPI by Bison provides ceiling- and wall-mounted basketball backstops, gym divider curtains, batting and practice cages, gym floor covers, wall and stage padding, and a wide selection of gym and field sports equipment for sports-related new construction and renovation projects. For over forty years, IPI has provided quality gym equipment to schools, recreation centers, churches, health clubs, pay-to-play facilities, YMCAs, and virtually anywhere that indoor team sports are played. In 2012, IPI was acquired by Bison, arguably the industry leader in post-construction, indoor gymnasium, and outdoor field sports equipment. Operating as an independent division of Bison, IPI customers now can take advantage of Bisons advanced manufacturing capabilities, extremely broad product line, and creative product engineering. Located off I-80 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Bison has a longstanding reputation for quality, customer-centric service, on-time delivery, and it is dedicated to creating U.S. jobs by maintaining over 90% of its manufacturing in the United States.