Kalwall® Corporation

Kalwall has provided museum-quality daylightingto building occupants all over the world for more than sixty years. Company founder Robert R. Keller, Sr. invented the original translucent sandwich panel in 1955, and no other company has dedicated more years, resources, creativity, and innovation into the science and art of daylighting. Kalwall is the most highly insulating, diffuse light-transmitting, structural sandwich panel in the world. Lightweight, shatterproof, and rapidly installed, Kalwall has unrivaled structural integrity that is far superior in performance and value to products that superficially may appear similar. Kalwall can function as part of the walls or roof of any building, or be an entire freestanding structure. Typical product applications include wall, window wall and curtain wall systems, window replacement energy upgrades, skylights, pre-engineered and custom Skyroofs®, ClearspanSystems, and Canopies+Walkways.