Tiny Mobile Robots

We empower private colleges and universities to achieve pro-level fields with less time, paint, and labor. We designed our robots to be the lightest, fastest, and most affordable field painting robot on the market, painting a regulation soccer field in 22 minutes and a football field, hash marks and all, in under 2 hours, and a women's lacrosse field in just 29 minutes. Instead of tying up a 3-4-person crew to stake and line your fields, one person can do it with our Tablet's simple drag-and-drop Google Maps interface. With hundreds of pre-loaded field templates, you can be sure every field is accurate and proportional. While the TinyMobileRobot lays down perfect lines, arches, hash marks, logos, and mid-field logos with unparalleled accuracy, your staff can focus on other tasks to prepare your fields and make them a point of pride for everyone.