Dean’s List Award Winners 2019

The 2019 Dean's List Award winners represent exceptional products in a variety of categories. The companies included among these winners offer continuing, long-term contributions to the mission of private colleges and universities that seek to provide the finest facilities and services to their students, staff, and faculty.

Dean’s List Award winners by category are outlined below. Visit their sites to learn more about the products and companies.


SMARTdesks® unique collaboration tables—Exchange™—feature a right triangle shape with a comfort curve on the user’s right or left. These shapes fit together in a variety of configurations such as triangles, pinwheels, hexagons, wings, beetles, organic abstract shapes, to form collaboration tables for active learning. SMARTdesks® flipIT® options, too.


Kay Park Recreation offers a large selection of park and playground equipment and commercial grade site furnishings, including outdoor tables, grills, benches, trash containers, drinking fountains, planters, umbrellas, bollards, shade canopies and bike racks. They have a complete line of bleachers and grandstands, as well as some outdoor athletic equipment.


PVI’s Conquest is a compact, high-efficiency, gas-fired, semiinstantaneous water heater that combines an advanced fuel-saving design with extended product life. It features a sub-merged combustion chamber and a heat-exchanger with a helical array of fire-tubes fabricated entirely from durable, corrosion-resistant AquaPLEX duplex stainless steel alloy.


List Industries Inc.® Sport wood lockers are furniture-grade quality and can be upgraded with a variety of accessories. The Lockers are designed for the needs of any school facility, sports arena or club. They are America’s Most Complete Locker Line® and feature the largest selection of metal, wood, plastic, phenolic lockers available.


FJM Security’s combination locker lock with manager key override offers higher security with flush mount and ratcheting knob.  Lock features two modes: Static, one user mode or One Time Use Mode (unlimited people use throughout day).  If combination is forgotten, a manager key is used to override combination, discover and reset code.


Overly Door Company, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Bullet-Resistant Door and Window Systems and Accessories, all of which have been rigorously tested to one or more of the following test standards: UL Standard for Safety 752; National Institute of Justice Standard 0108.01.


Powered by Mean Green Lithium Energy Modules, Mean Green Products electric mowers offer all day mowing with extreme power and stealthy operation. With available horsepower exceeding most commercial gas mowers in their classes and maximum torque from the start, they prove that cordless electric mowers can be powerful and extremely quiet. Low Noise, Zero Emissions, Zero Gas, Low Maintenance.


Pine Hall Brick offers a permeable clay paver, StormPave®, which resembles English Edge®, chosen by landscape  designers for years for durability and aesthetic appeal, but these pavers have larger spacer nibs, allowing water to flow into the graded aggregate base where it slowly dissipates back into the soil.


Clima-Tite™ translucent panel wall systems offer a new level of thermal performance. Pultruded fiberglass framing provides improved U-factors and condensation resistance versus traditional aluminum systems, as well as enhanced corrosion resistance for pool areas and other extreme environments. Numerous configuration options, including integrated operable glass windows, are also available.


Royal Basket Trucks offers customized carts that truly meet your material-handling needs. Lean manufacturing techniques allow Royal to easily modify standard wire frame carts. If you require specific cart dimensions that vary from standard carts, (longer, shorter, taller, wider), Royal can also meet your custom specifications.


With increased wireless and battery performance, The Beacon 2 Portable Sound System by Anchor Audio is a battery powered portable line array sound system like no other on the market. It is completely self-contained and set up only takes a minute. The Beacon 2 is perfectly portable and can reach crowds of 2,500+.


The SUITMATE® swimsuit water extractor removes 95% of the water from a wet swimsuit in just eight seconds.  The SUITMATE® unit, a valuable amenity for guests and property owners, reduces water damage from dripping swimsuits and ensures a cleaner pool and locker room environment.


Sternberg Lighting’ Lunaria brings the highest levels of aesthetics and visual comfort. The Lunaria’s dual crescent design form is uniquely eye-catching with its sleek lines accentuate contemporary architecture and urban areas, making it perfect for college campus applications. Also with matching bollard and wall sconce.


The MicroFit Fitness Assessment System (FAS-2 System) is an integrated collection of fitness testing equipment that connects to a computer and is controlled by the HealthWizard Fitness Profile software. The FAS-2 System measures body weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, trunk flexibility and arm strength. Connecting the MicroFit RoboBike or MF1215 Treadmill also measures cardiovascular fitness.


Custom retractable banner stands are an essential component to activities and events all over campus and beyond. Post Up Stand helps bring branding to higher education with these affordable and portable advertising tools. Perfect for promoting college fairs, student activities, sporting & alumni events and more.


LaptopsAnytime works with universities’ administrators to create dynamic laptop and tablet dispensing services. Not only are the systems cost-efficient but they are also secure and scalable to handle the demands of public computing (and even industrial) environments. Because the kiosks can be left unattended, consider expanding innovative, self-service computing to places which are unstaffed.


In addition to being simple, efficient, and durable, Vantage ACF Series Calcium Hypochlorite Tablet Feeders offer unmatched water quality, are safer than liquid systems, and run “clean” for less maintenance. From the introductory ACF-60 feeder to the ACF-250 for systems up to 1,000,000 gallons of water, all three Vantage feeders are NSF/ANSI Standard 50 certified.


The TechCenter by Spectrum Industries offers an all-in-one teaching station including a dry-erase board and TV display mounted on a mobile and flexible cabinet storage. It supports up to a 70” display with an optional Rack Cube that has 12ru to hold AV technology and optional display stand that can mount up to two screens.


With the Ligno-VersaTec moisture meter, you can select the right measuring mode to fit the job on hand: pin mode, scan mode or thermo-hygrometer mode. This could be tracking moisture problems with hand probes up to 7″ deep or could be measuring the humidity in a crawl space with the RH Bluepeg probe.  The Ligno-VersaTec can check all moisture problems.


In terms of integral emergency driver and ballast designs for LED, fluorescent and LED retrofit lamp applications, IOTA’s innovative design features have become the standard in the emergency lighting industry. IOTA emergency drivers and ballasts deliver emergency illumination for 90 minutes, enabling specifiers and facilities managers to meet NEC and Life Safety Code requirements.


Aquatic Access ADA-Compliant lifts require no batteries, daily charging, actuators, gears, motors, pumps, oils, expensive electronic components or extensive maintenance schedules— only water flowing in to raise the seat, which is then recycled into the pool as the seat lowers, for free energy. The lifts are safe and reliable, ready for use all day with no energy expense.


The NIGHTLOCK® Lockdown 1 uses the strength of the floor to withstand tremendous force, and works on any outward- and inward-swinging doors. The NIGHTLOCK unit is installed at floor level, and remains out of reach to anyone attempting to enter by breaking window glass on conventional classroom and office doors.


Madrax has assisted many architects and engineers, facility owners and managers, and schools and universities in finding the best possible bike rack solutions that fit their needs or their clients’ requirements. Their distinct designs are shaped, welded, assembled, and finished not along an assembly line, but one at a time by skilled craftsmen.


Conference cameras and PCs running teleconferencing software take time for set-up and often require AV staff assistance. Upgrading to Extron’s StudioStation eliminates setup time and no longer requires AV staff. In a quick and straightforward setup process, the instructor inserts a USB stick into the StudioStation remote control panel and presses Record.


Water Alert® is a water-detection sensor that will send an alert when a leak has been detected so that the problem can be addressed as quickly as possible. Water detector alarms are used in a wide range of applications, from computer rooms to mechanical rooms…anywhere undetected leakage can occur. Installed in over 25,000 sites.


Musson Sheet Rubber is a low maintenance, long life resilient flooring that is excellent for high-traffic areas.  Available in over 60 colors, it requires no waxes or finishes; the shine is maintained by using a high speed buffer.  Dimensionally stable, Musson sheet rubber will not shrink over time.


The original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® is Made In USA Certified® and was the first hand dryer to receive Environmental Product Declaration certification. The XLERATOR Hand Dryer dries fast and provides a 95 percent savings versus paper towels, while eliminating their labor, maintenance and waste.


The Bravado® Acoustical Shell features elegant mobile towers and ceiling panels that form a resounding performance space. Designed for spaces that require a full-stage acoustical system, the Bravado offers a customizable design that is crafted to perfectly meet visual and acoustical needs. Each tower is comprised of movable panel wings that lock into place and offer multiple configurations.


In addition to providing direction and identification, signage can be a powerful means to showcase a school’s brand and colors.  APCO has provided sign and wayfinding solutions for hundreds of educational facilities and recognizes that campuses are high-traffic, ever-evolving environments, so implementing a durable and tamper-resistant, yet easily updatable, solution is critical.


PIG Grippy Floor Mat, the world’s first adhesive-backed absorbent mat, eliminates trip hazards commonly associated with standard carpeted or rubber-backed floor mats.  There’s no shifting or bunching up. Grippy stays flat and tight to most common commercial floor surfaces, but peels up easily, so disposal and change-outs are a breeze.


TagEvac is a revolutionary management system designed to help ensure buildings are adequately evacuated in an emergency situation. Using the sweep method of evacuation, TagEvac provides a fast and reliable method of checking that “designated” zones within any building or group of buildings are clear following an evacuation, without the need for time-consuming roll calls.


SureClose® from D&D Technologies offers a hydraulic gate hinge & closer in one small powerful package. It is maintenance free—with powerful hidden hydraulics that don’t leak— highly tamper resistant, and has superior corrosion resistance. All models can be fastened or welded and have adjustability—vertical, horizontal, closing speed.


The SUBWAY® restaurant chain is a family-owned business with thousands of dedicated franchisees in neighborhoods around the world dedicated to providing great-tasting sandwiches and salads at a great value in a clean, comfortable environment.


Huston & Company designs and builds custom furniture for academic, library, corporate, office, and institutional settings. By focusing on the design process, wood selection, joinery, and finish, their furniture incorporates details simply not found in mass-produced furniture. Huston  & Company furniture is handcrafted to last for generations.


The SilKEN 2® is a patented high energy, cool induction cooking system coupled with groundbreaking new features, offering cooking by temperature or power setting, quick heat dissipation and user-friendly controls.  The new patented silicone mat covers the entire cooktop and provides pot retention, confines spills and splatter, protects the glass-top and is easy-to-clean.


TouchNet® OneCard VIP™ is a cloudbased campus credentialing platform. OneCard syncs with your student information system and delivers insightful data while managing a broad range of permissions, privileges, and payments campuswide. Simple, integrated, and focused on improving systems, processes, and experiences, OneCard makes higher education smarter.